For sale:

1. Winchester Model 70 .30-06 left hand barrel, 24" from a Classic Sporter
2. Remington Model 700 barrel .243 Win, standard 22" sporter contour which came off of a left hand M700 BDL

Both of these are "less than optimum" to be polite. My first thought was to cut them in half and toss them in the garbage but figured I would offer them for sale cheaply here since either one is a good candidate for reboring if someone wants an original factory marked barrel.

Link to pics of the .30-06 barrel included below, the .243 bore is okay once you get past the first few inches which are heavily alligatored. External finish of the Winchester barrel is very nice with the original high gloss bluing, I'd rate it 98% or so with just a few tiny marks. Remington barrel is a more dull blued finish but also in very good shape with no big dings or wear. Barrel marking of DA puts DOM at Sept. 2006.

Cheapest shipping I can calculate is around $21 to $25 for either one so I'd take $45 shipped for either barrel. If you want both call it $20 each and I'll figure how much to ship in one box but it shouldn't be too much more.

Standard terms - first "I'll take it" gets it, payment by money order, certified check or your personal check is fine, too. No returns on these since shipping is more expensive than the barrels themselves. I've tried to describe these accurately but if you're serious about these I can take more pics of the exteriors or interior of the .243 barrel

Winchester barrel pics

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