Personal observations by Col. Frank Artemas Haskell, a highly thought of union officer both by his superior officers and the men he fought with throughout the war. Served in "The Iron Brigade" under Gen Gibbon. Arrived at Gettysburg on the second day of the battle and took over the Union center after Gibbon was wounded during Pickett's Charge. He saw a lot of combat throughout the Civil War and was killed leading troops at Cold Harbor.

A lot of opinions and observations re various situations, other officers and enlisted men during the battle and his own active participation during the battle. He stated that that if the fuses had been cut shorter during the confederate artillery barrage before Picketts Charge they would have done a lot more damage and the outcome might have been different. Not a long read but IMO very good. Considered by some a "classic" but there was considerable disagreement on some of what he wrote regarding questionable behavior by some union participants during the battle after his account was made public years later.

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