Just in from the match director

Well, well, well....raided the old mail box again and finally got around to putting the official letter opener to work and getting started on compiling the all important information necessary to finalize planning for this match March 23-31, 2022, at Phoenix, Arizona.

What can I say........over 90% of the paid up entries received so far are signed up to shoot the IRONMAN and I am expecting more IRONMAN entries to show up any day. Remember now, IRONMAN entries take first precedent, so, it goes like this: If I get 100 entries for the March Match and 90% of those entries signed up for the IRONMAN, as it stands today, only the first 48 entries will be invited to shoot. (I am numbering the IRONMAN and other entries as I pull them out of the mail box so when I receive the entry is also important.) All the rest of the entries that exceed our capacity of 48 will be returned to sender, entry form check and all.

About the IRONMAN Match. At the National Championship Black Powder Target Rifle Matches at Raton, New Mexico, a group of shooters including Dan Theodore, Michael Rix, Eron Ahmer, Doc Lay, myself and others floated Dan's idea of an Ironman Match to determine the National Champion. The Ironman Match would be the two day aggregate of midrange position, two day aggregate of midrange prone and two days of long range, combined. So it was decided and I presented the proposal to the Black Powder Committee at NRA HQ and the match was approved. AND, since NRA no longer is involved in Black Powder Target Rifle Matches, AZWINS picked up the guide on in deference to the memory of Dan and the prominent Black Powder Target Rifle Shooters at that time for the match to continue into posterity.

The IRONMAN MATCH at the March Matches has the long title of: The Dan Theodore Commemorative Ironman Match, and includes the aggregation of scores of 500, 600, 800, 900 and 3 days of 1,000 yards or seven days of Black Powder Target Rifle to determine the World Champion, so to speak, Black Powder Target Rifle Champion. There is no bigger or better test of the Black Powder Target Rifleman in history therefore participating in this match is history in the making.

the most expensive bullet there is isn't worth a plug nickel if it don't go where its supposed to.