I have thinned out my reload notebook as i am winding down on working up loads. I have reached the age that I am not acquiring, I am discarding and this includes rifles lol. These are notes and loads that I have tried for the rifles my kids and I have. Calibers include .300 wsm, .300 win mag, 6.5 x 06, 270, 270 wsm, 250 savage, cap and ball pistol, 375 h&h, 220 swift, 44 mag, etc.
I have scanned the notes and some were tried, and the results shown, others were good intentions that never got built. I am not sure there is great value in these notes as they were centered around our guns but I know there have been times that notes such as these would have been useful to look at as I began to start on a new caliber.
If you would like these please email me at danielgfsouth.com. Daniel