So a good friend of mine returned from a hunt in Colorado, where he also took his three brothers to a lease property that he's been leasing for years, and although the success rate was down for the group on the whole, one of his brothers was able to bag a decent Muley, providing enough meat for all to share. They did see a couple of broken rack Bulls, but no shots. So when he returned to his truck, I guess his Rifle was hanging above his head and the Lever was on the seat with a spring, but no Lever pin, to hold the curved lever half in place. I had an extra pin so I was able to re install it as the spring was good, and I used some light duty sleeve and bearing loctite brand on the outside only lever contact holes to help keep the pin in place after I inspected and cleaned up the contact points. A minimal amount of light weight oil on the moving parts to stay lubricated, as a normal practice for us, to keep things working properly. My Father in Law was a very competent Gun Smith, and I not only learned a lot from him, along with many tricks of the trade. We both agreed on only using Loctite as and when needed, and Loctite makes so many improved products today, that adjusting to the times is very important knowing these improved materials. The sleeve and retainer Loctite I used will not only hold the snug pin in place, but it will allow the pin to be re moved at a later date as needed, with a small hammer and a straight drift pin, as required.

HS 58

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