Stuart Woods was (He died earlier this year) a prolific writer and wrote over 90 novels and a couple of nonfiction books. This book is his latest and there is at least one more to be published.

The protagonist is Stone Barrington who is a wealthy man with homes in Florida, Maine, England, etc. Barrington is in his Maine home and a Nor'easter storm moves in. While he's at home some fellow with a three letter agency document winds up being murdered nearby. His home is on an island and there is no boat service during the storm so a local State Trooper arranges for Barrington to store the body, on ice, in his garage. Barrington happens to be involved with that intelligence agency and also is rather popular with the ladies, some of whom may want to kill him. Russian agents seem to be the culprits in that nasty murder and they soon come after Barrington. The book goes from there.

Recommended for an easy and not very serious read.

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