Thought I'd post this up in case anybody is looking for a Savage calendar. 16 month, 8.5"x11", very sharp pictures of a lot of gorgeous guns and artwork from Fug.

It's not the same exact content as the ones I shipped last year, those were 12 month and 12"x12". But probably quite a few of the pictures are reused. Starts off with all the special order Model 1899 checkering patterns, then goes to all the Model 1899 engraving patterns. And a couple cool pages thrown in.

Can order them here. They get queued to be printed and shipped after they're ordered, I got mine a week after ordering. Sorry for putting it up at the end of January, had family stuff to deal with over holidays.

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The Savage 99 Pocket Reference”.
All models and variations of 1895’s, 1899’s and 99’s covered.
Also dates, checkering, engraving.. Find at