Last Christmas, several people asked for a copy of Heart Shots, the over-a-century long collection of women writing about hunting--including Annie Oakley, Vivienne de Watteville and our own Mrs. MuleDeer. (FYI, Vivienne, born in 1900, and her Swiss naturalist father were in Africa for the Berne Natural History Museum, collecting elephants, when M. de Wattville was killed by a lion. Vivienne finished the expedition, doing the shooting, taxidermy prep, leader of the etc, etc, etc. She fulfilled the contract.)
I had no copies then, but I have 4 now: 1 hard cover ($45.00) and 3 soft covers ($32.00 each.)

I also have several other out-of-print books on hand: a few copies each of my fish cookbooks: Classic Freshwater Fish Cookery and Freshwater Fish Cookbook, as well as a handful of The Duck and Goose Cookery originally published by Ducks Unlimited. Each of those for $20.

They're not on the website, so just give me a call. 406-521-0273. There's no extra shipping fee but, of course, it's first come first served.
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