I am an avid recreational shooter and am wanting a nice high quality Winchester 1892 for shooting pleasure and accuracy. Besides I am sick of gas in my face from my AR's. :-) You hardly ever see them at Sheels so unfortunately I will have to buy on-line. I have a Freedom Arms 83 in 45 LC and am looking to consolidate the ammo locker. I also have a S&W 44M but I really like the idea of 45 LC . I am lucky enough to have several nice hunting rifles so I really just want this one for shooting at targets and possibly hot loads for Hog hunting. I appreciate well made objects and quality - I would very much appreciate informed opinions on the balance and handling of the 20 vs 24 Octagon, whether I should pass on the take down as many complain about the looseness and accuracy. The 20in base model on the Winchester website seems like it may have a lower quality barrel than the "deluxe" which is important to me as I really enjoy an accurate rifle. The Marlin 94 has a good reputation but they look mass produced and cheap on-line "steel alloy" - although my SS 1895 is a very fine gun - just not a lot of fun shooting a couple boxes of ammo as well as expensive. Unfortunately only the deluxe takedown and the base model seem to be available and since it is for shooting and not collecting I thought I should not get an older one although I would love one on the mantle.

Thanks for reading.