I am sorry, I dont like to talk bad about a business, but I am fed up with this one. I ordered a rest and a stabilizer through them because they were selling GK infinities for $70 which is a pretty good price. I figured we didnt have them in stock at work, and it was a good price so I ordered it along with a stabilizer that I needed. Well, after about 2 weeks, I hadnt gotten it yet. I figured it shouldnt take that long to go from Illinios to Michigan. I gave them a call and said that they hadnt sent it out yet because there was a little problem and they had lost the piece of paper that had my number on it. Got the problem straightened out and they said I would have it in a few days, it normally takes 2 or 3 days. I waited another week and still hadnt gotten the stuff so I called again. They answer was sorry, they had not gotten around to sending it yet, but it was being sent out and he told me i would have it on wednesday. Here it is friday and i still have not gotten it so i called agian. They said that they were busy with starting this web company up and the order had been put on hold. It would go out next week or the week after. i just told them to cancel the order and credit the my card. I originally placed the order 4 weeks ago and they never called or did anything. They had the order and just needed to send it out. I will never give Scott's indoor archery my business agian. Sorry, just cant believe it takes 5 or 6 weeks to send out a rest and stabilizer.

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