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The 444 can get your attention too. Especially with Hornady's 265 grain SuperPerformance loads. I often use a much more civilized handload pushing a 240 grain bullet at 2150 fps. My oldest son killed a very nice ten point buck season before last with that load.

I have a 405 grain subsonic load for my chopped Marlin Guide gun that is "cat sneeze" quiet when fired through a suppressor. I load my 375 Winchesters a little hotter than factory.

I started loading my own a few years ago and never looked back. It is fun, therapeutic, economic and allows one to customize loads for their intended purpose and for the desired comfort level. The straight walled cartridges are particularly easy to load.


Yea,my intention was to go with a 45-70 just to have the capability if I ever went to bear country but for home whitetails I would load a real slow heavy bullet since shots will be more like 50 yards most times. I was thinking full penetration from any angle,no bloodshot meat and short heavy blood trails for thick brush,fast shots on the creek bottoms.

It's not like I don't have rifles that will do the same job,I just don't have any big bores pushing slow heavy bullets and I wanted to see if I liked them.