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Mind sharing your 4064 load with 200 grain bullets. I have some 200 Accubonds to load up soon.

48.5 grains which gave me around 2450-2500 fps. I've been working on some ABs in mine too but am still tweaking it, but I wasn't using 4064 with that one, I'll have to check my data.

Any issues with the Accubond workup. Nosler 9 didnt even have a 358 Winchester section this time and they make a perfect bullet for it.

No, Nosler doesn't include it because they state when the bullet is seated to SAAMI max OAL, the ogive is below the case mouth. In my BLR, I can seat it so it's not and I didn't have any problems. I should try some IMR 4064 since it's shot so well for me with other 200s. I pulled out my data and I've used Win 748, Viht 135, TAC and Xterminator. Win 748 only gave me about 2300 fps with 50 grains; Viht 135 2550 with 49.0 grains; TAC 2574 with 50 grains and Xterminator 2578 with 48.5 grains.

M1, Thanks for all the contributions to this thread, especially your findings with the 200 NAB, OAL-wise.
But the reference that Bluejay made in the quoted post above is to the Nosler Manual #9. I think you are talking about a statement they made in #8. They did not say anything about the .358 Win in #9 because they dropped that cartridge completely from the manual, despite making what may be the world's best bullet for this round, the 225 Partition.
In addition to this travesty, they also dropped the .284 Win and a few other great cartridges. They incorporated a few new ones (mostly Nosler proprietary rounds) but I don't get the requirement to drop other great rounds to bring in new ones. Hell, we are buying the manual for DATA! if it needs to be three inches thick to accommodate the data, so be it! We'll pay the price, if it's any good.
Not to derail the thread but I was real disappointed to see these omissions in the new Nosler manual. To get back to the main subject...
Last year I ran 51/TAC with the 200 TTSX, Fed 215, Win Brass, in my 22" M99, and this gave 2700+ FPS. Run the numbers on that and it is darn effective out to 400 yards. I killed my AZ elk with this load in 2020.