I have a Model 1899 Vintage 1894 SRC, in 30 WCF.
It is a very nice rifle, Just enough wear and tear to make it a hunting rifle rather than a collector piece.
I had decided to take it with me when I go with my hunting partners , In hopes of getting a Bear while they are Bow hunting for deer.
But Shooting 150 grain Federal ammo , it is Printing just about 8 inches high at 25 yards !
She has the factory Ladder type rear sight, And the front sight , is a marble #894, witch the Winchester sight book says is correct.
However the front sight blade is held in by a single pin witch rocks front to back like a kid's rocking horse.
Just to test the height, I wedged a tooth pick under the front of the rear sight, to hold it in the highest position, witch Brough my POI down from 10 inches to 8 inches.
Not sure what to try next, have place not to far from home , that has a box of old Winchester sights, And I might go there on Tuesday and see what they have. I really do not want to do anything that might hurt the value of the rifle much, Like cut the notch on the rear sight deeper,
But if I can find a period correct taller front sight that would fit the front sight base, I might be Bear hunting with a 122 year old rifle !
I also might consider trading the old girl on another old Winchester, At least a 38/40, , I would not hunt game with anything smaller.
Any of you guy's have a Idea where I might find a solution to this problem ? ...tj