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Rio makes a bass specific WF floating line for like 40 bucks. Get the 7wt and rock on.

That line, like most Rio lines (Gold for example) is a weight heavy. On a slow rod with big bass bugs I think the weight will work against you. I would suggest a 6wt in that line. Trying to keep a lot of line in the air with a slow rod and big bugs is much tougher with the slightest breeze. The Rio Bass has a short head and that makes a big difference.

Pay attention to this. It follows what I just posted.

As to the rest of the thread, I'll pass. Casting less than 40 feet is no big feat with about anything including a broom stick with fly line. Chuck a big fly 50-75 feet, I'd match line weight at distances cast to my rod. I'm not a fan of way under or overlining a fly rod.

I think I can pretty well tell what a fly rod will do without a scale. Have been seriously into fly-fishing most of my life and was a guide for a long time. I have also taught quite a few very good casters how to cast.

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