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"Expectant Mother Refusing PCR Test for .Baby that State Has Control Over Infant"


That's in the UK. Be thankful for our Constitution and Bill of Rights!

Yes, that's right.
State to me usually means a country as in "a nation state.".
Sometimes it refers to the governmental powers as it does here.
You may have seen a movie, "Enemy of the State...". Will Smith.
I might not have given enough context. Later I compared it to here in the states injecting a hep b vaxx, normally given to I drug addicts who sell their bodies . They now give them routinely to newborns in spite of risk.

We have rights given by God to mankind and yet recognized in part by the federal constitution, including it's Bill of Rights and individual state's Constitutions..
I have read all three versions of my state, the federal and Cherish the Bill of Rights.
I have challenged judges on their denial of rights with disdain and know that much blood has been shed for those protections..
That young couple is a good reminder that we men, our children and grandchildren must assert our liberties or they will continue to be tread upon by the jack boots of tyranny..

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