One of my friends has one, very nice rifle but I personnaly have two problems with it:

1.The pump action doesn't allow quick follow up when stalking and shooting from a shooting stick or a high stand rest. It is mostly a driven hunt rifle.

2. According to the gunsmith that sold it, the gun owner has to replace some part of the mechanism every 200 shots (but it is for free). From what I did read from the Internet I thought it was every 2000 shots but they said 200 to my friend. It seems that deteriorating part is linked to the bolt's sealing performance.

The rear to forward pump motion, pushing the sight away from the shooter, doesn't seem so bad to me, I found it allowed to easily re-align the game with good management of the recoil.

The take down and mount up routine is very easy and quick.

My friend's rifle is the only one I ever saw on hunting grounds and shooting ranges.

Va t'in tch�re !