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This Covid thing has, very clearly, exposed the fire members that declare themselves Conservative.And chicken out, as soon as it's time ta *be* Conservative.
Every "conservative" small business owner I know is trying to figure out how to get as much of this trillion dollar bailout as possible. A bunch of conservative farmers make it on government programs. I don't really blame them for taking it but it doesn't much go along with being conservative.

Not always true.

I own a small business with 30 employees and we sell building material, so we're allowed to stay open. We're still pretty busy because all of the trades are still working as much as possible, but we've lost the homeowner business. In the Winter our sales go in the tank, so it's the Spring time when we need to "Make hay while the Sun shines". Unfortunately, our sales are going down and I pray that this doesn't kill us. If our sales go down too much, we'll have no other choice but to take a low interest loan or even a bail out. Because we're still open, currently we won't qualify for loan forgiveness. We're going to hang tough and try to make ends meet. We plan to keep on keeping on until .gov comes along and tells us we have to shut down also. I'm the third generation in this business and I'll do anything to preserve the company that my Grandfather started, my Father worked his whole life to build, and what my brother and I have grown to make it what it is today.

We don't desire to take any more loans than necessary, even if it's low interest or not. I don't want a bail out unless it's necessary either. I want to make it on my own. We fought tooth and nail to make it through the Obama years and we were able to keep our heads above water without the help from .gov. We had to hit our line of credit each Winter to make it through and managed to pay it off sometime during the Summers with nothing left over. Then we were forced to repeat each Winter with no end in sight until Trump was elected. Now with the new tax bill signed into law by President Trump, we're able to finally operate in the black. It hurts me to think that I might have to jump on that band wagon, but I'll do it if it mean saving this company and it's employees' jobs.

I'm not sure if any of you guys have ever owned a small business, but until you have, you'll never know how scary it is right now to be a business owner.

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