'14 Siverado 1500 4x4. 5.3L, 3:42 gears. close to 90K miles and it still does 21-22 MPG highway at 75 or higher MPH. With a bed pretty well loaded with tools. Does better than that in the summer, if the A/C is off.

Pulled two double axle dump trailer loads of firewood home so far this year. Used to haul wood on my 16" double axle flatbed, but the dump is handier. Don't trailer much with it like I used to, but it pulls whatever is behind it. Oil change/tire rotation runs around $65 at the dealer. Think I'll just stay with what's served me well? My third 5.3L 4x4 since 2006.

Best friend was a diesel mechanic since the late 60s, eventually branch manager at a major chain of diesel repair shops. Not only did he never own a diesel pickup, at one point in the early 90s, he replaced all of their service trucks with 6L GM gassers.
Based on his experiences, switched to a 2500 w/6L in his own Silverados, back when they went to aluminum heads/CI block engines in half tons. His widow is still driving his last new Silverado 2500 6L 4x4. and it's at well over 200,000 miles? She's been pulling a horse trailer with it since it was new.

Most I know who've been driving diesel pickups for years, aren't much impressed with the newer ones.

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