I guess I'm gonna break down and buy one of their big boy steels in .45 Colt between now and spring.

It'll get hunted, plinked with, truck gunned a little.

There are a few things it does or has that Marlins and Winchesters (and Rossis and Ubertis) don't.

-A NEW 16.5" .45 Colt model is AVAILABLE.
-It has a recoil pad, not that you really need it with all but the heaviest loads, but I can lean it up in the corner and it won't slide out onto the hardwood floor.
-It has sling swivels so I don't have to figure out how to carry it and drag out a deer.
-It has a 1:16 twist, which is kinda fast, but it beats the 1:38 everybody uses on the .44 Mag (Henry included).
-There is no stupid useless safety.
-No one has griped yet about the stupid huge .45 Colt Chambers.

There are a few things I wish were different. I'm not wild about the Hawken-esque perch belly forend, but it beats the grooved line post that Marlin uses on their '94's. It's also my understanding that OAL can be limited, so I may have to find a different mold (currently a 270 SAA), but it's also my understanding that the new ones have a bit more leeway.