I didn't read all the posts on this thread, so please forgive.

I like the fact that Henry's are made here. When they first came out, they were inexpensive. I like inexpensive things if they are as good as expensive things. For instance, when I first saw a Henry, base .22 in Walmart, they were under $200. Pardon me if my timeline is off. This must've been back in the early 2000's, but I'm guessing. A few years later and they were up over $300 whereas at the time, you could still get a good, used Marlin 39 for around the same money if you had some patience and were willing to look around and maybe hit some shows. The Marlin had steel parts and the Henry had some plastic. About that time, I traded into one and was anxious to try it out and maybe hold it back for my boy who IIRC, was a bit young that time to be given one. Just shooting it for informal accuracy-it wasn't reliable. It would hang up every few shots. This probably could have been cured but I hate leaving guns at the gunsmith. Besides, it was used but not shot much and should've worked.

So bad initial experience plus IMO inferior parts equals me not wanting one. They are pretty guns, but my taste is traditional. One of their guns that interests me is their actual American-made HENRY model of 1860 which they brought out a few years back. It looks to be a faithful replica of the originals whose name they appropriated and his made here as opposed to Italy. The downside is price. Uberti makes a good replica for about half the cost of the Henry. A couple of hundred more, I could justify, but not double.

All Henry's now seem to be higher than they should be, so put that down as another downside.

USA...all the way.