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So much bad rapping Henry,have you ever owned one,I have.I'm 63,have owned many Marlins,Winchester,and a few (19) Savage 99's over the years.I have never owned any other that has had the factory wood to metal fit like my Henrys.The case color in my 45/70 is as real and beautiful as the best L C Smith I have ever seen,The pride in workman ship is justified,as is the quality.The owner will bend over backwards to make it what you want,and made in America.The Japanese Winchesters are nice but much more money,and made in Japan,the pre 64 Winchesters are history,nice but only available on the used market.Marlins(always were my favorite)are gone,like the pre 64 Winchesters,history,only used available and getting awful pricey.Henry is not trying to build you a pre-64 Winchester or an original Marlin,he's trying to build a great gun thats better than the current competition in todays market,build it here to help keep America strong,and building it with pride.Give the company a break,lighten up,go have fun shooting a Henry,enjoy it while we still can,those days are getting short in todays world.............................THANK YOU ANTHONY FOR GIVING US THE HENRY

I'll take a Miroku Winchester over a ugly tube fed Henry any day. I don't care that it's made in Japan. It's a quality gun. My Browning/Miroku shotguns have many thousands of rounds shot through them with not a single problem. The blueing is still immaculate and the actions are tight.
I also do not understand why people have to buy a new gun. A quality firearm will last many lifetimes if it is well maintained. A Winchester/ Miroku is the only new lever gun I would buy right now, if I wanted a new gun.

Its funny,I also said the Japan Winchesters were nice but expensive,Winchester catalog show 94's at about $1300-1400.When I started hunting a new 94 Winchester was $89.I have 2 Japan made Browning SA 22 rifles,I think they are beautiful little rifles,but I tried to sell one a while back,all I heard is it a Japan gun,if it was a Belgium its worth all this money,made in Japan no takers.I think the Henry is a beautiful rifle,and the funny thing is the deer don't care where I load it,My only statement in my post is it is a quality built rifle made by an American Co.As for the Micro bus,have you checked where those ugly busses are selling for.I never owned one either but I could retire on what those ugly things are worth today.