The weight issue comes up often in the discussion of the Henry. I have not handled many but here is how the .327 Federal compares to the .32 H&R Magnum and .32-20 Marlin rifles.
Our Henry .327 Federal weighs 7.05lb.
The Marlin 1894 in .32 H&R Magnum weighs 7.15lb.
The Marlin 1894CL in .32-20 weighs 6.50lb..

The .327 Henry is 37 1/2" OAL
The .32 Magnum Marlin is 36 3/4" OAL.

The length of pull on the Henry is 14" even
The LOP on the Marlin is 13 3/8" The rifles were measured at full cock as it makes a difference on the Marlin trigger position.

The forearm length measured from receiver to the muzzle end of the forearm tip for the Henry is 7 7/8".
For the Marlin 9 1/8".

The Marlin receiver is shorter. Both rifles come up to the shoulder naturally and the sights position themselves in front of the eye.
The Henry has a slightly longer lever throw.

The checkering on the Henry stock is fine enough to not feel like big coarse humps like the Winchester Model 94AE rifles.
When viewed in pictures the Henry does appear bulky. When viewed side by side the rifle compare favorably.