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right now I have 2 marlins and a henry. the henry is a 22 mag and even though the henry may have a slicker and smoother action you are honestly lucky to hit a soda can at fifty yards 4 out of 10 shots. I have tried every weight and brand of ammo made with no luck.

the marlins are tack drivers.

I may own another henry some day but I will darn sure see it shoot first.

I had an octagon barrel 22 Mag briefly and I had more trouble getting that damn thing zeroed, than any other rifle I can remember. Had to drift the rear sight far to the right with the front sight perfectly centered. Their factory sights are pretty coarse anyhow and do not contribute to fine accuracy.

I bought my wife a youth size Golden Boy several years ago, cleaned up the trigger and put a decent set of sights on it. That has been a very slick and accurate little rimfire.

Most all the Henry centerfires just look wrong to me and I personally want a loading gate on a centerfire lever action. They're also pretty expensive for what you get. One of our local shops has had Henry 'brass' 44 Mag and 45-70 rifles sitting idle for several years now while a dozen new & used Marlins, Winchesters and Rossis have sold from the same rack.

The only thing muzzle energy ever killed was time that could have spent shooting meat and learning something about how bullets work.