I have a Henry 45-70 and very much like it. It shoots Barnes 300gr. TSX and Speer 400gr. right where I want them. Weight isn’t a problem.
Before I bought it I read all the reviews. People were bad mouthing them saying they were slow to reload. But I looked at it like this, if you couldn’t kill what you were shooting at with 6 rnds of 45-70 their would be no need to reload. I know Henry list 4 in the tube and one in the chamber but it’ll hold 5 in the tube.
I don’t know if my Henry is as smooth running as an older Marlin, but it is a tight and solid piece of steel and wood.
I had to put a Leupold 6x on mine, sometimes my eyes aren’t to good. Especially in the low light woods.
I used quick release rings so I could take it off if I desired.